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Urban Forestry Solutions for the San Francisco Bay Area

Construction and Development

Our expert guidance supports informed decision-making about tree preservation for your project site, whether a small in-law unit or a multi-phase commercial development. From the initial feasibility study to site occupancy, we are your trusted resource throughout every project phase.


  • Planning & Resource Evaluation: A comprehensive tree inventory and assessment identifies which trees will provide the greatest long-term value to your project and are priority candidates for preservation. 


  • Design: During this collaborative phase, the location and layout of proposed buildings, utilities, and other infrastructure are determined. We design Tree Protection Zones (TPZs) and develop site-specific tree preservation instructions. We produce a straightforward yet comprehensive report that serves as a blueprint for minimizing tree impacts during demolition and construction. This report also ensures compliance with local agency permitting requirements.


  • Construction: Construction realities often demand professional judgment in the field, especially within designated tree protection zones. We supervise work near sensitive trees, monitor tree protection implementation, and document any changes in tree condition. 


  • Post-Construction: Our ongoing support ensures the success of newly installed plants and any remedial tree management activities.

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Tree Inventory

What gets measured gets managed. The initial step in any effective tree management program is measuring, evaluating, and mapping the tree resource.  This involves understanding what you have and knowing its condition and spatial distribution.


At the onset of the process, we collaborate with the client to define their objectives, specifying which tree attributes to collect and the required level of precision. Goals for the tree inventory may include:

  • Establishing the size and characteristics of the tree population.  

  • Evaluating the overall health of the urban forest.

  • Assessing tree-related risks.

  • Identifying maintenance requirements and prioritizing treatments.

  • Creating a baseline for recording work history.

A quality tree inventory provides the baseline for effectively managing the client’s tree population.

Tree Risk Assessment

Ensure the safety and health of your urban greenery with our Tree Risk Assessment service. Our detailed inspection delves into a tree's structure, evaluating potential failure risks. We provide expert recommendations to mitigate and reduce these risks, offering a proactive approach to safeguarding your environment.

Service Highlights:

  • Detailed Structural Inspection: Comprehensive examination of the tree's structure.

  • Risk Evaluation: Thorough assessment of potential failure risks.

  • Expert Recommendations: Actionable suggestions to mitigate and reduce identified risks.

  • Proactive Safety Measures: Ensuring the well-being of your urban greenery through proactive risk management.

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Tree Appraisal

When seeking compensation for damaged or destroyed trees, it is essential to have an expert assessment of the tree's value. This involves determining the tree's value (or decrease in value) based on the specific circumstances, such as size, species, and location.

To provide a formal and accurate report, we follow industry-standard guidelines outlined in the "Guide for Plant Appraisal, 10th Edition" by the Council of Tree and Landscape Appraisers.

This guide ensures that our appraisals meet professional standards and can hold up in legal proceedings.

Appraisal services are commonly sought by attorneys, insurance companies, and private landowners who need accurate assessments of tree values for various purposes. With our expertise and adherence to industry standards, we strive to provide fair and reliable appraisals that meet the needs of our clients.

Tree Management Plans

Property owners and managers trust Heartwood as an impartial and unbiased advisor on tree management.
Since we do not provide conventional pruning or removal services, we have no incentive to suggest more work than what is essential to maintain your trees' health, safety, and beauty.
Our comprehensive multi-year management plans aid in long-term budgeting, risk reduction, and enhancing the aesthetic benefits for which you cherish your trees.
Our management plans include detailed specifications with measurable objectives and help clients make direct comparisons when seeking bids for tree-related projects.

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Professional Arborist Reports

Formal arborist reports support informed decisions, safeguarding tree health and safety, adhering to regulations, and efficiently resolving tree-related issues. Here are various scenarios where you may require an arborist report:

1.  Tree Health Assessment: If you have concerns about your trees' condition, we can comprehensively evaluate pest and disease issues, structural defects, and other disorders. The resulting report offers actionable recommendations for treatments and care.

2. Tree Risk Assessment: This assessment identifies tree defects and vulnerable targets and categorizes the tree's risk level while providing mitigation options to reduce risk.

3. Tree Preservation: An arborist report presents strategies to protect and sustain the trees on the site for construction or landscaping projects near trees. Local regulations often mandate this to ensure the trees' continued health, longevity, and contribution to the community.

4. Municipal Approvals: When seeking a tree removal permit from local authorities, a report may be required to establish compliance with a tree preservation ordinance. Heartwood only provides these tree removal reports when we firmly believe that removal is the most reasonable option and is in alignment with local regulations.

5. Litigation and Insurance Claims: Arborist reports are valuable expert testimony in legal proceedings involving trees. They are also helpful when filing or adjusting insurance claims.

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