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Expertly Navigating Tree Care & Landscaping

Recommended Tree Care Companies:

  1. S.P. McClenahan (they do not service San Jose, only farther north)

  2. Mayne Tree Expert Company (they do not service San Jose, only farther north)

  3. Ian Geddes Tree Care

  4. Anderson’s Tree Care Specialists

  5. Kelly Stump (for standalone stumps and small tree removals)


Foundation Inspections:

Arborist OnSite - Robert Booty uses ground penetrating radar to locate tree roots underground. I have some experience working with his reports, and the root locations are quite accurate.

  1. BEAR Engineering - Nathan’s team specializes in foundation inspections.



Landscape consultation, design, installation, maintenance:

  1. California Nativescapes - Rebecca is a landscape designer who offers all services listed above, with a focus on native plants.

  2. Bo Firestone - arborist and landscape architect, focuses on native plants. No installation or maintenance.

  3. Curtis Horticulture - Stephanie Curtis is an arborist and landscape architect who offers all services listed above.

  4. Calyx (email address) - Deanne Ecklund is an arborist and horticulturist who does consultations but no design, installation, or maintenance.

  5. Garden Guidance - Ellyn Shea is an arborist and horticulturist. She focuses on consultations, and I believe she also does small irrigation and landscaping jobs.

  6. Yerba Buena Nursery - offers basic design services at a low price point, looks promising but I have no personal experience with it. Please let me know if you try it.


We’re not affiliated with any of the companies listed above. We have limited experience with some of them. Many other great companies exist, we just happen not to be familiar with their services.

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