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Practical Tree and Urban Forestry Solutions for the SF Bay Area.


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Detailed tree preservation guidance and oversight to ensure the health and longevity of your valuable trees throughout the construction process.

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Accurate and defensible tree valuations for insurance, legal, or tax purposes.

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Comprehensive mapping and assessment of your tree population to establish a baseline for cost-effective management.

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Objective and comprehensive multi-year planning aids in long-term budgeting, risk reduction, and promoting tree vitality.

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A systematic analysis of the risks trees pose to people, property, or activities and management recommendations to mitigate and reduce these risks.

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Thorough investigations and comprehensive reports tailored to the requirements of clients and local authorities.

Matthew Fried taking a break during a tree inventory in Danville, CA.


Matthew Fried is the principal of Heartwood Consulting Arborists. An ISA Certified Arborist since 2007, he has a wealth of experience in arboriculture and urban forestry. Matthew spent nine years serving as the Managing Arborist for the City of San Mateo, where he was responsible for overseeing the city's extensive tree population and administering the Protected Trees Ordinance.

His unique blend of educational training and experience in both the municipal and private sectors allows Matthew to provide clients with practical solutions tailored to their specific needs and in line with local regulations. His credentials include:

  • Master of Forestry, Yale University

  • ISA Board Certified Master Arborist #MA-4851B

  • ASCA Registered Consulting Arborist #651

  • ISA Tree Risk Assessment Qualification

  • ASCA Tree and Plant Appraisal Qualified


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